Criteria for Each Hall of Fame Category


     • May be living or deceased.
     • Should have been a PtHA member if his/her activities were during the existence of the PtHA.
     • Must have been outstanding over a period of years either as a breeder, competitor or contributor to the PtHA.


     • Must be deceased.
     • Must be registered with PtHA.
     • Must have been outstanding over a period of years as a sire, dam or competitor. Or, must have brought exceptional visibility to the PtHA.


     • May be living or deceased.
     • May be an active judge or be retired.
     • Must have been a carded PtHA judge for at least 10 years.
     • Must have judged a minimum of 20 approved PtHA shows.
     • Must have officiated at least one of the following: Pinto World Championship Show, Congress Show, Area Championship Show, Regional Show, Breeder’s Cup, Jubilee Show, Benefit Show. 

Professional Horseman or Horsewoman


  • Must be a current member in good standing of PtHA and a Professional horseman or horsewoman
  • Must be involved and support the local, state and national level events and organization, including service to PtHA.
  • Must be one who has worked toward the future of our industry thru ethical, positive and innovative endeavors.
  • Will be recognized for their efforts and/or achievements that enhance the equine industry, foster credibility, show superior industry standards or otherwise demonstrate extraordinary contribution to the breed and the equine field as a whole.


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