From horse drawn carriages to Pinto license plates and Native American headdresses to show clothes, the Pinto Heritage Foundation has everything Pinto!

The Pinto Heritage Museum houses Pinto memorablia and artifacts that can be dated back to before the incorporation of the Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc. in 1956 to the present. All categories of the Pinto Hall of Fame can be found in the Heritage Museum including the first equine Judges Hall of Fame.

The discussion of developing a way to keep and present the historical values of the Pinto Horse Association of America Inc. began before the association moved from Fort Worth, Texas, to Bethany, Okla., in the fall of 2004. When the association purchased and started renovating the building in Bethany the idea of creating a way to preserve the past of the association grew stronger.

The PtHA Board of Directors and members were given a tour of the new building while the renovations were in early stages. While discussing whether to renovate the entire building or just part, Lynn Hickey made the suggestion that the large room at the front entrance be made into a display and museum with a theme of history and the entire building be finished for the use of the PtHA Headquarters. Dr. Loren Gresham, president of Southern Nazarene University and Mayor J.D. Johnston of the city of Bethany supported the idea and encouraged the PtHA to complete the building entirely. Hickey offered to support the project with a donation of $1,000, but also insisted the PtHA should establish a foundation to protect the PtHA heritage.